Ettore R. Peyrot

Ettore R. Peyrot: Scripta manent

     I started writing in 1981 for a few Italian magazines, and in particular for Aquarium (Primaris Ed.), Acquario and Hobby Zoo (Olimpia Ed.), with articles about Reptiles, Amphibians and herpetoculture in general, acquariology, and the care and breeding of unusual pets. I have been lucky enough to work since the very beginning with my good old friend Adriano, who soon became one of the most appreciated Italian naturalistic photographers. I wrote also for Diana Armi and Avventura (Olimpia Ed.) articles and reportages about tourism, wilderness and adventurous travel. Later on, my contributions were regularly published on Playzoo (Danaide Ed.), Aquarium (Primaris Ed.), and several local and national magazines and newspapers.

     Since 1987 to 1989 I have been Editor in chief of the FIAAE (Italian Federation of Aquariological and Herpetological Associations) montly newsletter, where I also published several contributions about nature conservation and the captive care and breeding of Amphibians and Reptiles.

     Since 1990, I have published contributions and articles on several online newsletters and magazines about Web Marketing and communication, search engine positioning and optimization, Website localization and internationalization. I am also the author and webmaster of a few informational sites in this field, among which is the only Italian language site fully devoted to providing information about the Open Directory Project, and a SEO / SEM Blog.

     I sometimes happen to find myself writing poems and novels, but I never had enough time (or courage?) to show them around or publish them somewhere...

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What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything ?
V. Van Gogh