Ettore R. Peyrot

Ettore R. Peyrot NOT at work

     I'm one of those lucky persons who always managed to match their hobbies and interests with their professional activity. I "discovered" Internet in the early '90s, after patiently surfing for a long while in Itapac (when connecting to the Interenet still was a privilege restricted to people having access to a University server), and I immediately got addicted to the Net, also due to professional affinities and interests.

     I spend at present most of my time online, and I can therefore say I'm making a living out of something that I enjoy very much. You can find me surfing around and hunting for sites in the Open Directory Project or adding them to ChefMoz, discussing about Web Marketing, communication, website optimization and search engine positioning (SEO) issues in several specialized boards, including Forum, WMW. Shouldn't you find me in any of these virtual places, I could be working on a site in need of a good fine tuning, planning or analyzing the results of an online marketing campaign, or studying the carachteristics of a crawler.

     I'm also passionately fond of Nature, and I will always be grateful to my father, who was a biologist, for teaching me respect and love for all living things. I therefore love animals, and in my house I have always been surrounded by cats, dogs, Italian wolves, ferrets, various birds and reptiles. for more than ten years I have been keeping at home three Italian Wolves, after falling in love with this breed due to having been in contact with Mario Messi, President of the Ente di Tutela del Lupo Italiano.

     I always thought that I choose to study Nat. Sci. at the University only to be in a position to better care for my captive bred snakes and lizards: actually, this is something I still do in my spare (?) time. By the way, I managed to use my knowledge in the communication and marketing field in this sector, too: aside from writing articles and essays on animals and Nature, I have been a founder member and President of APEA (the Piedmontese Association of Herpetologists and Aquariologists) since 1984 to 1987; Vice President of FIAAE (the Italian Federation of Aquariological and Herpetological Associations) since 1986 to 1989; and member of the Board of Directors of several other non-profit Organizations in the field of Nature conservation and propagation. I also worked together with Public Bodies on the organization of cultural events in the fields of music, entertainment and scientific divulgation, and I served as a supervisor for the general organization of the scientific exhibitions "Insecta" and "Conchiglie" in 1987 and 1989 at the Public Aquarium of Parco Michelotti in Turin.

     My other main interest is travelling. I have been "trained" to this having had my parents taking me around Europe since I was very young, and showing me how beautiful can be life even in a small caravan rolling for the whole summer and for thousands of miles on European and African roads. Our caravan didn't survive more than 10 years. I did. Later on, I discovered the pleasure of riding a motorbyke, and I have been the lucky owner of a Honda Shadow 1100 Custom. I am used to take planes, ships, cars, trains (and sometimes even horses, camels or ... walk).

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Love the animals. God gave them the rudiments of thought and a joy without anxiety. Don't upset them, don't steal their joy away, don't go against God's will.
F. Dostoevskij